Pilot Plants

Cosmetics Pilot Plant

  • The Stand alone Cosmetics Pilot Plant ( Cream,Liquid,Oil etc) comprise of only the main mixer with inbuilt Control Panel and Heating System.
  • The main mixer is made of the option between Semi Contra/ Contra rotary/Planetary/ Anchor type mixing vessel with vacuum facility and jacketed for heating / cooling requirements.
  • The agitator selection is designed suitably to mix product of higher viscosity effectively.
  • Product contact points are made of SS316 L
  • The blades keep the material effectively dispersed by adequate turbulence.
  • The hinged scraper in the main mixer keep the product in constant movement and ensure clean side walls for effective heat transfer between the side jacket and product.
  • The Main mixer consists of cylindrical shell with flanged top &welded bottom dish made of SS316.
  • Mixer is ergonomically mounted on operational table Top to view the product during mixing and product additions
  • Jacket is Insulated with 30 mm thick mineral wool insulation (Asbestos free) and shall be cladded with SS304.
  • Butterfly valve for discharge, recirculation
  • Temperature sensor

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: PP-CR

    Skid Mounted Pilot Plant

    We are manufracturers and suppliers of Skid Mounted Pilot Plant

    • The skid mounted full cream pilot plant comprises of the entire set of main mixing vessel supported by phase kettles, heating system,Vacuum pump, Electrical heating system.
    • The main mixer is supported with phase vessel for water phase or oil phase preparation as per the customer choice
    • Material from the phase vessel will be transferred to the main mixer by vacuum.
    • The control panel indicates the following
    Temperatures of jacket and product Speed of the main mixer stirrer and homogenizer
    • Options of changing the stirrers between Semi contra, contra, anchor, paddle, schowl’s , propeller etc. are provided depending upon customer preferences.
    • Thus the plant is made versatile to formulate wide range of products like cream, tooth paste, ointments, gel, shampoo, shaving cream,hair dye etc.,

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: PP-CR-COM

      Soap Pilot Plant

      The Soap pilot plant is of a novel design from ADH ISAKTHI to help the innovators design their products with ease and comfort.

      The batch capacity starts from as low as 5 kgs batch size to 25 kgs batch

      The following set of equipments are supplied for the pilot plant

      • Sigma mixer
      • Plodder
      • Triple roll mill
      • Cutting machine
      • Stamping machine

      The design of the machine is such that the trials will match to the main line products. This enables scaling up accurately.

      The system is mounted on a common table. The table is designed ergonomically to suit to the customer requirement enabling for easy movement of the equipments.

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