Bottle Filling & Capping Machine

Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

We are the leading manufaturer of Plastic Bottle Filling Machine.

  • Rotary indexing type filling machine
  • The machine work on a rotary indexing table of 6/8/10 stations configuration
  • Driven through ferguson indexing drive
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • The machine is compatible for Container filling, nitrogen flushing, plugging screw capping and induction sealing
  • Product contact points will be made of SS 304/SS316/SS316L
  • Pneumatic cut off system to ensure no tail over after filling
  • All pneumatic Cylinders are of Festo/SMC make
  • Sensors of Banner/Omron make, No container - No fill - No capping interlocks
  • Speed up to 100 PCS/min
  • Safety Guards with micro switch interlock
  • The machine is compatible to fill, plug and cap eye drops, pharmaceutical products in GMP standards
  • Auto feeding system for inner plugs
  • Auto elevating & orientation system for caps

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BFM-ROT-PLGCP-2N

Hot Filling Capping Machine

Approx Price: Rs 40 Lakh / Approx 
  • Hot filling line is used to fill gel/ointment in containers
  • Filling volume : 5gms / 10 gms / 30 gms variable through timer based filling
  • The system comprise of base heating tank of 30 lts capacity SS 304 with heaters
  • Base tank is provided with stirrer to keep the material homogenously
  • Circulation pump enables constant pressure head for gravity filling
  • Filling conveyor is of 3 mts length driven by 0.5 hp bonfiglioli geared motor
  • VFD is provided to vary the filling conveyor speed to vary filling volumes
  • Speed of filling varies according to volume of filling
  • Cooling duct of 4 m length and 200 mm width is provided with chiller of 0.5 TR
  • Residual time inside the duct may be varied with the speed of conveyor by VFD
  • The duct is covered with SS 304 and duly insulated with puf with top lids
  • Weights of nozzle are adjustable through plc
  • All product contact points are made of SS 304 and covered suitably
  • PU belts with bottom scrapers are provided for easy cleaning


    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: HF-BTL-2N-CD

    Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

    Approx Price: Rs 12 Lakh / approx 

    Plastic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine

    • Along with a conveyor chain system, the machine operates on the mechanism of 'elliptical run way intermittent motion'
    • Automatic pick and place ejection mechanism. (Auto depucking)
    • Exclusive and easy change over system
    • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5 %
    • For filling and capping operations, the containers are held in PUCs
    • For precision indexing and higher speed per nozzle, FERGUSON INDEXING SYSTEM is used
    • Fully automatic systems for filling, capping, cap elevating, ejection & online inspection system
    • Fully PLC controlled with HMI Panel
    • Higher productivity rates
    • Option of 4 Heads & 6 Heads are available
    • Speed up to 120 pcs per minute
    • SS 304 used for making covers
    • SS 316L is used for making 'product contact parts'
    • Takes up very less space
    • The machine is ideal for odd shaped and flat bottom plastic containers that are unstable to travel on a flat conveyor
    • To meet the needs of online coding and labeling, provision for direct link up is provided

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: BFM-EL-FLCP

      Bottle Filling Line

      The bottle filling and capping machine is used to fill Liquids in glass, Plastic PET bottles, Containers etc., And automatically cap it with the option of screw caps and snap fit caps.

      Following products can be filled in to containers Liquids

      ( Juice, Oil, Syrup, Medicine, Eye drops, Adhesives, Shampoo, Pesticides etc )

      Semi Solids ( Gels, Lotions, Creams etc )

      Linear filling system with multi head pumps

      • The machine is suitable for round and stable containers
      • Rotary unscrambler & SS Slat chain conveyors for containers infeed
      • Pneumatic Jet locks at the filling stations
      • Multiple syringe filling options (4, 6, 8 etc.)
      • Dive down nozzle system
      • Link up with capping machine container as optional attachment.
      • Syringe is made of SS 316L / SS 316 / SS 304 as per customer requirement.
      • Wear strips at the bottom of the slat chain
      • Optional linkup with bottle cleaning and washing systems
      • The machine confirms to GMP standards.

      Bottle Filling Capping Machine

      Adhi Sakthi is a popular Container or Bottle Filling Capping Machine Manufacturer from India. This hot filling line is suitable to fill various products such as ointment, shoe polish and others. The main use of Container Filling Machines is in those products that require uniform surface finish. The design of these machinery also allows filling of white petroleum jelly, flat tin/plastic containers with balm, and others. Being the Ointment Machine Supplier, we assure client a machinery with fast and accurate filling of ointment in an automatic manner. We are also Capping Machine Exporter in the industry with great goodwill in the market.

      Salient Features of Filling Machinery

      • Efficient capping system
      • Automatic coding
      • Cooling system
      • Fully automatic flat feeding
      • Hot filling
      • Online vision based checking system

      Types of Systems in Filling and Capping Machines

      • Timer based filling system through solenoid valves.
      • Volumetric displacement pumps imported from United States


      • Machines have an online cooling system that is integrated with HEPA filters
      • SS 304 cladding sheet is used alongside PUF material to insulate the cooling duct
      • The orientors/feeders are at an elevated angle to bottom and top flats
      • Every product contact point is manufactured from SS 316
      • Fully controlled with PLC/ PLD based computer software
      • Range of line speed (per minute): 50 pcs to 750 pcs


      • Natural cooling system
      • As per client's requirements, we can provide Ointment Machine, Capping Machine etc in SS304/MS powder coated sheets

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: HFL-BTL-2N

        Rotary Bottle Capping Machines


          • It is Rotary indexing type filling machine
          • As per client's specifications, the product contact parts can be made in SS 304/SS316/SS316L
          • Auto elevating & orientation system for caps
          • Auto feeding system for Inner plugs
          • Ferguson indexing drive used for operation of machine
          • Fully compatible for Container Filling, Induction Sealing, Nitrogen Flushing, and Plugging Screw Capping
          • Fully PLC controlled
          • Operation of machine is on a rotary indexing table of 6/8/10 stations configuration
          • Pneumatic cut off system to ensure no tail over after filling
          • Sensors of BANNER/Omron make, No container - No fill - No capping interlocks
          • Speed up to 100 pcs /min
          • Suitable for filling, plugging and capping eye drops, pharmaceutical products as per GMP standards
          • The filling and capping machine has safety guards along with micro switch interlock
          • The pneumatic cylinders are of FESTO / SMC make

                Additional Information:
                • Item Code: BFM-ROT-FLCP
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